Here are 4 basic basement renovation ideas to get you started thinking about how you will makeover your space. These are the most common uses, but there are many others. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Game Room

Turning your basement into a game room is a great way to maximize unused space. A pool table, dart board, or video game console and a big screen TV, along with a refrigerator for cold drinks and a few chairs, make this basement renovation idea one to keep in mind for entertaining guests after hours. If you have always wanted a game room in your home, but knew you didn’t have the room for it, utilizing the space in the basement can make this wish come true.

Home Gym

If you are a fitness enthusiast who has been shut out of your gym since the pandemic hit, creating your own gym in the basement can solve your problem of having nowhere to workout. Many public fitness centers had to close their doors for a while, restricting members to certain days and times, or no access at all. Reclaiming the unused space in the basement, you can turn this room into your own private workout space by adding a few free weights, floor length mirrors, a weight bench and a treadmill. You can add more equipment if you have the room, but this will certainly get you started.

A Library or Reading Room

A home library is the perfect place to relax with a good book at the end of the day. After the kids have gone to bed, and the house is quiet, you can slip away to your own private reading room to escape into the world of books. Follow Alice down the rabbit hole, or travel back in time with Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights. No matter what type of stories you like to read, a room decorated in soft colors with a comfy couch to curl up on is just the thing to set the mood for a good adventure tale.

A Basement Apartment or Office

Making use of this space by turning it into a small apartment for a teen who is almost old enough to move out on their own, or using it as a home office for a new business startup, will save you money in additional rents. An extra room in the basement can be used as a mother-in-law apartment (also known as a “granny flat”), a room for soon-to-be 18-year-old to let them try their wings before moving out, or a room  to keep your desk and computer for late-night work that won’t disturb the other family members. This type of space really has an unlimited number of uses.


How to Get Started?


How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. To get started, you simply need to put movement behind the desire and take the first steps to making your vision a reality.  The first thing is to decide what you will use the space for, and how much money you have to spend on the home renovation project. Then hire a company to design and build out the space for you to bring your dream to life.


Don’t worry if you can’t decide right away. If you are considering the idea of renovating your basement, but are stumped for ideas on what to use it for, our team of interior designers and space planners can help you create a vision for this space complete with color palette, furniture, accessories, and more.


Most often, people have unused space because they can’t decide how to use it or have trouble imagining what it could become. Let Out the Line Design of Atlanta, GA help you create the room you’ve always wanted. We’ll consult with you and come up with a design that fits your needs, as well as your budget.

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