3D Rendering

3D Rendering is a process we use to create a digital image of your home to allow you to see what the final process would look like before any of the actual work has been done. This allows our customers to get a visual idea of what their design would look like, and if they want to change something, we can make adjustments before beginning the actual work which saves them time and money. Making changes to a design after the work has started can be quite costly.

This designing process allows us to create a visual presentation of your home and how it would look after the work has been completed. In this way, the customer can preview the physical design, furniture, appliances, lighting, and color palette. Sometimes it is hard to visualize what something will look like ahead of time, but once they see how the different design features work together in the 3D image, they know they made the right decision and are excited to see it in real-time.